Tree Service, Tree Care & Tree Trimming – Serving Provo and Orem


Healthy trees shading a well kept lawnEdge Landscaping offers complete landscaping to the Provo, UT area, this includes all tree services. We service both commercial businesses and residential areas in the Provo area and our rates are very reasonable. From basic tree trimming to tree and stump removal, Edge Landscaping does it all. Give us a call today if you are in need of any type of tree service as well as any landscape or hardscape services.


Tree Trimming

The only way to keep your trees and shrubs healthy is through regular trimming. Trimming promotes growth of your trees and also allows us to check them and make sure they are free of diseases and pests. If you live in the Provo, UT area and need tree trimming, give Edge Landscaping a call today. Our landscapers are experts in the field and we are licensed, certified, and bonded to work in the Provo area. We will come out and trim your trees and shrubs and make sure they are striving. If they aren’t, we will come up with a plan for you and follow up to make sure your trees become healthy.


Tree Removal

When dealing with an unwanted or dead tree, you always need a professional. Tree removal can be very dangerous, especially if the tree is close to your Provo, UT home or office. Edge Landscaping has the right equipment and training to properly remove trees from your property. We will even remove the stump and any excess parts of the tree. We do this in a safe manner and our rates are very reasonable. Give us a call today if you need tree removal or any other type of landscaping service, Edge Landscaping does it all!